About Studio Manu

Okay … I’ll try to make it short 😉

As you may already know my name is Manuela Zimmermann – but you can call me Manu 😉
I’m born in Germany (and still living here) in April of 1972. This way I don’t have to tell you how old I am lol.
I was supposed to become an April Fool Hoax, but I waited for a week to discover the world. I had a vey nice childhood, been loved by my parents and was the big sister to my two younger brothers.

In 1993 I met my husband (who has his birthday one day later than me) and in April 1996 our first child – our dear daughter Juliane – was born. So now we were three born in April 😉
Exactly on the day 2 and half years later in 1998 we got our boy Paul.

In 2002 we built our house in a nice village.
And as things always seem to happen when you least expet them I got again pregnant in 2004. So at this time my husband was still my boy friend we decided that it is finally time to marry – that was in Nov. 2004.
In June 2005 our 3rd child – a little boy – Nick was born and we are now complete 😉

During the time I stayed at home with him I discovered digital scrapbooking. From the first time I was addicted. I created everything for my pages myself, I didn’t even know that there were digital scrapbook kits out anywhere that I had could purchase – lol. One day I was asked by a girl what page kit I used on that layout and where she can buy it and – I was astonished. So in 2006 I became a digital scrapbook designer myself. That’s my passion and I love to share this pleasure and joy with you.
I sold in several stores in digiland, also had my own store till I found my digihome in February 2008 at ScrapbookGraphics.com – and it’s really not overdone to say that’s the best store I ever came across and such a honor to me to be able to sell there within so many other fabulous talented designers. Since then I’m proud to be called Studio Manu, because the designers there are all Studiogirls.

I really can say it’s like a dream came true.

I love to design all kinds of Vintage, so in all my products you will find a vintage, shabby & grunge touch, this is what I LOVE.

A few other things you may want to know:
I Love:

  • reading
  • music
  • traveling
  • Summer
  • Spring
  • Christmas
  • Photography
  • Coffee
  • win on the lottery – okay; that’s more a dream – lol

I don’t like:

  • spiders
  • autumn
  • migraine

I tried to make it short – really – but now I see it’s a long text – sorry for that.
Thanks for reading my story!

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